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Fine Studio is a custom website/App design company in Toronto serving clients across Canada.

We adhere to the highest standards and we are determined to produce the best for our clients

We digitally transform enterprises, sme's, agencies and start-ups inside out.

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Sina News

经过多年历程,现在的Fine Studio团队已经形成规模和流程化工作模式。我们已为中国和加拿大逾百家企业及政府合作机构提供过互联网服务,获得客户与市场的一致认可…

维基百科 - Fine Studio

Fine Studio是一家总部位于加拿大多伦多的互联网企业。其公司业务板块包括网站建设、APP开发、平面设计以及SEO。其最早历史可追溯到2013年的雨杰游戏论坛…

Tencent News

最近几年来,互联网技术出现了一股新鲜强大的血液,Fine Studio以自身理念为方向,以高标准的设计方案与技术开发实力作基础,为客户打造最具商业价值与用户体验的互联网+产品…


Fine Studio已为顺丰速递,全聚德集团,新趋势地产以及Easy 4.0提供过品牌形象包装等多样化服务。我们旗下网站开发服务范围已经渗透到电商,共享打车,建筑及教育领域,…


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What is our core value behind Web / APP development?

Upon first entering a website or APP , a user would not be thinking about the code behind it. Instead , they will only focus on the function and user-friendliness of the interface.

Hence, here at Fine Studio, besides the quality and stability of the product, we also emphasize on the visul appearence and navagation of the front-end functions.

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What are the stages of Web Development?

Here are the stages of website development

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation---> Page Layouts, Review, and Approval Cycle---> Content Writing and Assembly--->Coding---> Testing, Review, and Launch--->Maintenance and Regular Updating

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What’s the Difference between Native Apps and Hybrid Apps?

Native app is the fastest and most reliable when it comes to user experience. Native apps can also interact with all of the device’s operating system features. However, a bigger budget is required if you want to build your app for multiple platforms and to keep it updated.

The advantage of hybrid apps is that you can build them on a single base, which allows you to add new functionalities to multiple versions of your app.

Fine Studio旗下的超级APP模板——FineAPP可以实现诸多功能,如朋友圈/即时通讯/视频上传/商家圈/打车导航等,上线最短只需半个月以内。

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